Tactea: Be part of a revolutionary technology

Make daily life simple and straightforward

  • TACTEA is a built-in technology incorporated into worktops made of granite, marble or stone.
    Traditional switches make way for invisible touch-sensitive keys that enable you to create and adjust a pleasant lighting atmosphere on the basis of soft touch control.

    Control of light intensity by touch
    For a pleasant atmosphere with a single finger-touch control that’s pleasing to the eye.
    Take advantage of high-quality technical support
    A demonstration in our workshop
    Support in the form of a video that goes over every step of the installation process
    Guidance and supervision by telephone and e-mail
    The possibility of accompanying you at the customer’s premises for the purposes of presenting the concept.

    Propose TACTEA to your customers and become a partner, reseller or fitter.
    Increase your margins!
    Tactea is very easily incorporated into a worktop.

    We take care of advertising on the Internet for the end user.

The advantages

  • Easy to use
  • Hygienic
  • No risk of electrocution
  • Design
  • Enjoyable to use

Become a partner/reseller

And make use of:

  • Commercial support
  • Sales tools and aids
  • The designer’s expertise

Through marketing:

  • Increase your margins
  • Striking
  • Enhance your reputation

TACTEA: an awakening