15 Dressing of the stone

Hainaut blue Belgian limestone is a type of stone that offers enormous possibilities as regards forms of finishing, both for standard and tailor-made products.

The choice of surface finish depends to a large degree on the intended end use. Some applications lend themselves more readily to the choice of a particular finish, whereas in the case of other types of use these finishes are quite simply ruled out.

You can consult your architect about the choice of finish.

Our company is built on a wide-ranging experience of skill and craftsmanship, meaning we are in a position to give the products exactly the right kind of finish every time.

The 15 ways in which the stone is dressed and tooled:

  • Old boast

  • Blue flamed

  • High-gleam polished

  • Smoothed dark blue

  • Fine bush-hammered

  • Chip-scaled

  • Boasted

  • Indent-chiselled

  • Sanded

  • Ground

  • Sawn

  • Coarse bush-hammered

  • Ice flowers

  • Smoothed light blue

  • Sclypé